Hi Guillermo!

>Hi Danko:
>Here is a very very early mockup.
>I have the idea but had no time to translate it to a better mockup.

I know - t's the same for me too... ;-)

>I have to re-arrange some buttons, add others, and think lots of things (for example, I'm not sure if >the current widgets allow a wheel selector like that)

I suspect they don't but I see our current task not so much in creating designs for the current widget set but in showing how a modern and powerful dialog should look for future releases.

Unfortunately I'm currently not enough involved in the practical interface work. So first I will concentrate on designing next gen. controls and discuss them.

This will result in new ideas and can be helpful to further dev. the GIMP UI.

--> But now some feedback to your mockup:

I really like the color weel with the second ring - so you can visualize the different In/Out color parameters in one way - to use it we need radial sliders - great!

I see the color picker - nice!

And the Curve Tool for the color overlapping - yes...

-> The curve would be opened in a second window right? I have a problem with all this cluttered windows. I like a single dialog with all available parameters - but this will quickly get komplex.

pro: no cluttered messing with different windows and clicking through "assistants" con: needs lot of display space and makes the dialog too complex for most users (even pros ;-)

solution: INTERPLAY[in the beginning the UI design was static - and people needed more flexible configuration options - then programs got thousands of floating cluttered windows and people had to arrange them all the time instead of working with the app. - now we got this nice type of free configurable non overlapping UI - like in Blender or combustion or a lot of other great programms - this is flexible but powerful and in a long term we should think about the pros and cons of this...)

We make the additional areas like adjustment curve dynamically extending the main dialog (open or close with a small arrow button)

>Anyways I'd like to discuss with you some ideas off-list to reach a more compelling design.


1. Is http://gui.gimp.org still active developed?
2. How we get in touch with Peter, Kamila and Ellen to see on what they are currently working. 3. We urgently need a Forum and a Wiki where we can meet the other people working on the GIMP UI




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