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> Amit Kumar Saha wrote:
> > Am i thinking in a way that could possibly be implemented? or is the
> > word "extensible" remotely applicable to my idea?
> >
> So what you're talking about here is a graphical interface to the API that a
> user can use to build his own extensions? Essentially, it's a graphical
> programming language. There are quite a few examples of these in the music 
> world
> that allow the construction of modular synths (amongst other things).
> It sounds to me more like a separate companion program that's used to 
> construct
> plug-ins than a plug-in itself. I like the idea very much.

In some ways, this is essentially what /meta operations/ in GEGL is
about, at the moment they are written in C, but they could just as
well be created with an XML syntax and edited in a graph based
environment. See GEGL (http://www.gegl.org/) and bug #465743.

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