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> Also, I would like to know, when GEGL is integrated into the GIMP,
> will it be available for the Plugins to access the GEGL as well?

The plan is that GEGL integration into GIMP will start after 2.4 is released and
the 2.5 development cycle will be devoted to a process of gradual
replacement, without changing the GUI significantly, thus 2.6 should
be a version of GIMP that hasn't changed a lot of the GUI, but a
development cycle that leads up to a GEGLified version of GIMP that
can see further development and innovation.

According to the plan GEGL will replace all code in the GIMP that is
accessing and or modifying pixels, some forms of GIMP plug-ins will
most likely be entirely replaced by GEGL plug-ins instead. And as
mentioned elsewhere in this thread, GEGL plug-ins can either be
descriptions of graphs, or actual C code. Another option that should
already be possible if someone is thus inclined, is actually to write
a GIMP plug-in for GIMP 2.4 that allows GEGL plug-ins to be used
directly by current versions of GIMP, this is less interesting than
another bridge that will have to be written, which is a wrapper for
(at least some of) the exisitng GIMP plug-ins to work from within
GEGL, this will be needed to provide legacy support for
some of the older plug-ins (these plug-ins will thus still work, but
have limitations wrt bit-depth and such).

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