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> According to the plan GEGL will replace all code in the GIMP that is
> accessing and or modifying pixels, some forms of GIMP plug-ins will
> most likely be entirely replaced by GEGL plug-ins instead. And as
> mentioned elsewhere in this thread, GEGL plug-ins can either be
> descriptions of graphs, or actual C code. Another option that should
> already be possible if someone is thus inclined, is actually to write
> a GIMP plug-in for GIMP 2.4 that allows GEGL plug-ins to be used
> directly by current versions of GIMP, this is less interesting than
> another bridge that will have to be written, which is a wrapper for
> (at least some of) the exisitng GIMP plug-ins to work from within
> GEGL, this will be needed to provide legacy support for
> some of the older plug-ins (these plug-ins will thus still work, but
> have limitations wrt bit-depth and such).

My current work at hand will possibly require me to write a plugin for
GIMP (current version) which will use GEGL for its image processing
operations. So if I proceed, I shall let the list know.

Here a couple of more queries:

1. Does any of the developers here have some demo C code which takes
in a XML file specification of the operations and performs the image
processing tasks using GEGEL?

2. Can I assume safely that most of the image processing operations
are "applying the same operation" to each pixel of the image?


Amit Kumar Saha
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