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> That looks similar to the types of things one can do with GEGL which is due to
> be integrated in to GIMP after the 2.4 release.

I was just having a look at GEGL gallery
(http://www.gegl.org/gallery/index.html) applications. The concept of
XML file to specify a pipeline of Image processing operations is
basically clear to me. However I would like to know a few things:

1. It seems from the documentation that, I can specify the operations
as a XML file as above instead of creating a DAG. How do i then use
that file to apply the operations? What about error checking? What
operations are supported?

2. Can I work with the individual pixels of an Image using GEGL? Say I
want GEGL to work with only certain range of pixels of my Image, is it

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Amit Kumar Saha
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