Amit Kumar Saha wrote:
> 1. It seems from the documentation that, I can specify the operations
> as a XML file as above instead of creating a DAG. How do i then use
> that file to apply the operations?

Looking again at the API there is the gegl_parse_xml() routine. There is an 
example of XML code being used to specify a set of operations to be performed 
as well as the execution of those operations in the gegl binary file (found in 
the gegl source tree).

 > What about error checking? What operations are supported?

I haven't tried this recently. I'm not sure what happens if there are errors 
in the input XML file. You may get either an incomplete GeglNode structure 
(ie. one not containing all parts of the input XML) or NULL. The API doc 
doesn't specify which. All GEGL operations can be used in an XML file.

> 2. Can I work with the individual pixels of an Image using GEGL? Say I
> want GEGL to work with only certain range of pixels of my Image, is it
> possible?

I din't think it is possible to work on individual pixels of an image. Øyvind 
Kolås would be the person who could give you the more definite answer on this.


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