This mail is triggered by a user request in a forum (I saw a couple of
similar ones before). I tried reproducing his issue with current
development version and also got stuck, hoping now that you will point
me to a good source of knowledge that we both might have missed.

Say, I need to select a region and move it.

Documentation clearly states: "Click-and-drag then allows you to move
the selection and its contents, while the initial position remains

That bit of docs probably belongs to 2.2, but definitely not to 2.4:

Clicking a selection drops handles, but subsequent dragging moves
selection, not its contents.

Now, this would be okay since I'm in selection tool mode, but even if
I switch to Move tool, I still can't move selection with its contents
- whether I just drag it, or use Ctrl/Shift/Alt (I doublechecked that
Move tool is in Layer mode by default), only selection border is

Then I'm down to copy/paste thing. This is, however, a roundabout, not
a straightforward solution, because there seems to be no way to paste
selection in place or under cursor -- pasted bit is always placed to
the center of an image.

While paste in place and under cursor definitely belong to 2.6, I
wonder if the move selection with its contents feature got lost due to
all the changes to rectangular tools.

The user and me checked:

- docs
- UserFaq in wiki
- google
- spec for new rectangle tools

Any hints much appreciated.

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