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> Say, I need to select a region and move it.
> Documentation clearly states: "Click-and-drag then allows you to move
> the selection and its contents, while the initial position remains
> empty."
> That bit of docs probably belongs to 2.2, but definitely not to 2.4:

Yes, the behavior has changed during the 2.3.x development.  Clicking
without modifiers will now always start a new selection.  With 2.2 and
previous versions, some users complained about the different behavior
of the selection tools if you were clicking inside or outside an
existing selection.

> While paste in place and under cursor definitely belong to 2.6, I
> wonder if the move selection with its contents feature got lost due to
> all the changes to rectangular tools.

Yes, there is:
 - Alt+Ctrl moves the selected pixels.
 - Alt+Shift moves a copy of the selected pixels.

> The user and me checked:
> - docs
> - UserFaq in wiki
> - google
> - spec for new rectangle tools

You forgot to check the status bar messages while using the selection
tools.  They suggest to try Alt, and when you do that you will see
the explanation about what you can do.

The docs will eventually be updated for 2.4, and then it will be
easier to find this information.

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