Nope Radar,

Gimp is under important internally changes - most of the actual limits 
are not from developers minds but from actual toolkit limitations.

They work hard to introduce for next GIMP versions a new engine which 
will make possible a lot of new posibilities. This mean they have to 
rewrite almost all code in benefit of us.

They can't work on 5 directions on the same time.

When this work will be done Editing, Photo Manipulation, CMYK and PDF 
printing and exporting, ... all of these will be some of the last 
problems about we will complain.

They also command some UI researches for the optimal GUI redesign.

They are "pour et simple" too busy right now to introduce new features - 
that you may see on LightZone or RawTherapee - on the actual (older) 

Well, I hope you understand now - the future is not gray.


> Hi,
> i'm not a developer but i'm using gimp since ten years (nearly the early 
> days). It is true that there are now many applications. Just think of :
> - those photo organizer such as F-Spot or digikam+ShowFoto, which are 
> made for we, good fathers
> - more cool apps (you mention panos like Hugin), but not only
> - More specific application does much job too : think of Ufraw : if you 
> are just a photographer and want clean photos : that's enough for you.
> Ok not many photo retouching program, but krita is here. An also, i've 
> to apologize, i'm beginning myself using ... Blender... even for 
> photo-retouching and compositing, even if it is not its main purpose (if 
> some want to work on this, i think it is only huge what possibilities 
> you get with their node editor)
> I think that now the image processing is maturen mroe specific 
> applications are sucking some good contributor, and user too.
> But also, i have already made some changes to Scribus or Inkscape code, 
> never understood anything to Gimp's. Gimp is not to blame, but i can 
> guess some developer are also lost this way. And it is sometimes hard to 
> find explanation. You when you begin, it's hard to enter so many code 
> lines, especially for a beginner.
> I hope it is a beginning of answer.
> pygmee
>> Last I mailed it was said that there are not that many
>> GIMP developers. Where are all image processing application
>> developers have gone? Is there some other open source image
>> manipulation software which sucks all the developers?
>> In recent years Siggraph conference proceedings have had
>> more image processing papers. For example: They are now
>> making giga size photos with panoramic techniques. They
>> are using hundreds of tourist photos for making 3D walkthroughs
>> through city. Google earth and competitors are making 3D
>> models from photos. And much more.
>> It looks like today's image processing software needs to be
>> redefined because there are many new applications for photos.
>> You may suggest some other application for specific task
>> as an easy solution but please don't.
>> Juhana
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