Well, I see this developer forum become an user forum - this is not what 
is intended.

We should let developers to work on their own peace else they will spent 
precious time responding to complains.

For Photo Correction passionates I will set today a page for download 
LightZone for Linux (yes is free for Linux) at : 
For other good solutions use Google for RawTherapee OR digiKam OR 

  for Panoramas - search on Google for Hugin.

That's all about photo correction tools - at the right time we will see 
more photo tolls on Gimp - until then use the tools about I talk in 
previous paragraph.

Peace for all.


Carol, please told me more about your project.
Use [EMAIL PROTECTED] if U have time.

Marco Ciampa wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 10:15:48PM +0300, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
>> Last I mailed it was said that there are not that many
>> GIMP developers. Where are all image processing application
>> developers have gone? Is there some other open source image
>> manipulation software which sucks all the developers?
> If they are fiew, how great they are! GIMP 2.4 is wonderful and better then
> anything I see in the horizon (yes krita comprised...)
>> In recent years Siggraph conference proceedings have had
>> more image processing papers. For example: They are now
>> making giga size photos with panoramic techniques. They
>> are using hundreds of tourist photos for making 3D walkthroughs
>> through city. Google earth and competitors are making 3D
>> models from photos. And much more.
> As some other stated, the project could not follow 5 directions...
> GIMP is going to integrate GEGL so more wonderful features are in the near
> future...
>> It looks like today's image processing software needs to be
>> redefined because there are many new applications for photos.
>> You may suggest some other application for specific task
>> as an easy solution but please don't.
> As a temporary solution, to make your everyday work done, I see no
> counterindications to use some more specific tool (for now)...
> bye

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