On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 10:15:48PM +0300, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> Last I mailed it was said that there are not that many
> GIMP developers. Where are all image processing application
> developers have gone? Is there some other open source image
> manipulation software which sucks all the developers?
'sucks' is an interesting terminology to use for this.

> In recent years Siggraph conference proceedings have had
> more image processing papers. For example: They are now
> making giga size photos with panoramic techniques. They
> are using hundreds of tourist photos for making 3D walkthroughs
> through city. Google earth and competitors are making 3D
> models from photos. And much more.
it looks like a corporate attempte to destroy 'free', don't you think? i
wonder, do you prefer picassa over GIMP?  i am certain that it has
advantages that GIMP does not offer.

> It looks like today's image processing software needs to be
> redefined because there are many new applications for photos.
> You may suggest some other application for specific task
> as an easy solution but please don't.
GIMP has established a tradition which i would like to see it shed.  it
did this when i put the web site on the gnome cvs server.  the person
who used to maintain what is now known as http://classic.gimp.org took
the project over.  he told me in person that there were 'things that i
did not understand' and started to rewrite the site (which at that point
was only short about 15 pages) to work in netscape4.  all the while,
promising to write something that manages 'meta' information.  this
person established a tradition of making solid sounding promises which
sound better than a person who is actually doing work (and tends to
complain and 'quit' and such).  so, GIMP might be stuck in some tragic
loop due to trust issues with gnome and promises that were never kept
and making a big deal about 'quitting' when the 'quitting' never
actually happened.

it is very weird how putting the sources in an environment which is
supposed to be shared by trusted people should destroy it.  but that is
what happened!  i seriously do not think that it was because of me (as
has been suggested now for a few years) that people do not want to
contribute to GIMP, i think it is because of the vulnerability displayed
by the people who maliciously took my project over.  of course, if those
people care to comment, i could be mistaken....

i think it would be actually good for this developer, as a human being,
to confess his mistakes and bending of the politeness rules here so
everyone can get on with it.  

meanwhile, do like they do and say all of the right things.  only
promise debonair-like that you will do something for the project.  all
you have to do is say the right things -- you do not actually have to do
anything!! and ouija, you get access to all of GIMP money (which you
have to work through GNOME to get) and you do not actually have to do
anything to get it!!

it is a great scam!!  congrats to the guy who 'manhandled' my project to
get it!


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