On 8/30/07, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:

> It looks like today's image processing software needs to be
> redefined because there are many new applications for photos.
> You may suggest some other application for specific task
> as an easy solution but please don't.

I seriously don't get your point, sorry :)

Just a year ago we didn't have much of Qtpfsgui that, for example, now
implements last year's invention of RafaƂ Mantiuk in HDR field.

Just a year ago we didn't have HDR preview and exposure manipulation
in hugin, not speaking about deghosting as this year's GSoC project.

Just a year ago we didn't have any open source panorama viewer for web
browers (we now have FreePV).

Just a year ago we didn't have real color management in GIMP.

Just a year ago we didn't have ubercool "real" color palette and
multiple selection visualizations in Krita.

And the list goes on.

The only thing I personally am stil missing is photography workflow
oriented application like Aperture or Lightroom. This is where I
expect digiKam, F-Spot and Rawstudio to shine soon (UFRaw is still
best choice for me when it comes to actual processing, and if its core
would be added to Rawstudio, my workflow would only improve).

So look around and you'll see a lot of interesting things happening.

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