Sven wrote:

> So could we please stop talking about
> some completely irrelevant article and instead deal with the actual
> problem? Thank you.

since I am responsible for this 'department', I do want to say
something, but I'll keep it short.

I do take the hart of the matter, which is behind that article
and some of the comments in this thread, serious.

there will be more innovation on the communication side from
the UI team. thinking about expanding the UI team too
(warning: interaction professionals only).

the brainstorm itself is a method to open up the UI process
and the team reviews are there to show what we get from them
(apart from documenting it for ourselves). both were received
enthusiastically. takes 2-3 hours btw, to discuss 25 brainstorm
contributions. that should be communicated too.


         founder + principal interaction architect
             man + machine interface works
 : on interaction architecture

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