As an example of why a GIMP.UI mailing list (or changes in the blog) is

Send your image to us <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, put the word 'GIMP' in
> the title of your email (to avoid spam, emails without GIMP in the title
> or without an image attachment will not be opened).

So, if I have a comment on this entry:

that doesn't include an image manipulation of the images of the post
my only option (to avoid being "filtered as spam")

is reply in this mailing list:

This will be a welcome change if implemented, in fact, it is one of the
first steps for my idea.
But more changes are necessary. The toolbox should be separated from the
second menubar (and merge both menubars) and from the options of each tool.
In this way (and if each user has a simplified and personalized toolbox),
the toolbox can be a 1xN grid that goes to the border (yey!).
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