On 11/5/07, Esteban Barahona wrote:

> > You say what to do, but you don't say how.
> >
> allowing comments (with moderation... like most blogs) on
> http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/ will be a good start.

That won't work. Brainstorm means no discussion. Otherwise it's not a

See, I do understand your best intentions to help and I have my own
ideas how to improve GIMP as well, but things that could work to a
smal project cannot work to huge projects like GIMP. There are dozens,
if not hundreds of us. All together we will make a lot of noise and
distract UI designers from actual work. Now that we finally have a
group of people working at UI this is the last thing I would want to
see happening.

However I believe that the situation could be improved by writing a
friendlier text at brainstorm page and providing a friendly
explanation how and why UI team works at the main wiki page.
Contributions are welcomed by GIMP team and people have to know that
for sure.

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