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> > Solve the transparency problem, and the criticism will go away.
> You say what to do, but you don't say how.

Very simple: Peter has a blog, right? and very occasionaly, he posts something
relevant to the Gimp UI, such as the post about the print dialog. To add
more transparency to the UI effort, all he needs to do is to post some more.
And not just on relatively small issues such as the print dialog. The big 
questions are what most people are anxious to know about (If you look at the
brainstorm, these are the questions that most people are trying to address):

what will the future toolbox look like?
What windowing paradigm will Gimp use? SDI? MDI? Tabbed documents? 
Where will the menus be? 
will dialogs dock to the edges of the canvas?

Even if non of these is as yet agreed upon, he could post his (and the rest
of the team's) current lines of thinking and options under consideration.

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