> Well, I agree with the gist of your message... but one thing needs to be
> said:
> Designing a good UI doesn't require the same amount of people that
> implementing
> it in code does.

This is why I suspect it to be a transparency problem and not really
a process problem. People actually Won't criticize a process if they
think it is doing a good job. In the case of the GUI team, we don't 
know if it's doing a good job. In fact, we don't see a job being done
at all.

This, of course, is irrational behavior: just because you don't see it,
it doesn't mean good work isn't being done. But as long as outsiders
don't see what the GUI team is truly capable of -via a few terrific
mock-ups or similar- they will simply assume the worst: that the GUI
team isn't capable of handling the job on their own, And refuse outside
help on top of that.

Solve the transparency problem, and the criticism will go away. 
Of course, you can just ignore it all and let the results speak for 
themselves, but then expect to put up with a lot of negative press. 
Also, it might be a missed opportunity for getting more developers to 
work on the architectural dependencies needed for implementing some 
of the GUI changes.

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