Sven Neumann wrote:

>> well, obviously where one works with colors in the inspector that
>> part is either never or on mouse-over not going to be transparent.
> Where we are back at the point where this is not likely going to be  
> ever
> possible on all supported platforms using the toolkit that we use and
> will continue to use.

I am used to development teams telling me 'can't do that', but I
am not used to them refusing to sit down with me to find a work
around solution.

> It would probably help if your team seeked for less drastic changes.
> That would have the benefit that they might really be implemented one
> day. I really don't want to show users mockups of stuff that they will
> never receive.

I tend to get 90% results in the projects I work on by setting
100% goals and working with the developers after they tell me
we can only achieve 40%. That's how it goes for the last 10 years...


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