Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> Here is the list of proposed changes in 2.6 that Sven asked for:
> Tools
> - full use of cairo for the select/crop tools (?)
> - color-neutral toolbox icons that are quick to recognise and work  
> with (?)
> The ? character after a name means that exact intentions of that
> person are unknown.

why are there question marks after these two items?

> Let me know if I missed something.

compiled from my own summaries:

* next generation size entries
* finishing of: Heal Tool, Sample Points, Foreground Select Tool
* Floating Selections
* Alpha Channel
* Layer boundaries

* skipping annoying dialogs by default (individual assessment first)

* solve user request #1, part 1: one menu bar, keep window with
   menu bar open when no image is open, try floating inspectors


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             man + machine interface works
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