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> Well, this topic is not so clear cut. There are many factors:
> - the relationship with vector apps, especially inkscape.
>    we saw during the user scenario weekend that live update
>    of linked-in svgs as they are saved by inkscape would fit
>    a symbiosis between the two.

This use doesn't sound like it even requires vector layers to work.
The only advantage of vector layers is that it is easy to edit them
from within GIMP, which isn't so important if you are editing them
only in Inkscape. I agree that this would indeed be a very cool
feature =).

> - yes, GIMP needs to be able to paint simple shapes, but
>    we do not want to go overboard here with the variety of shapes.

Right now the layers operate on arbitrary paths, so any shape which
you can make a path out of can be made into a vector layer. This makes
them very powerful, but I can see that you would want special cases
for a couple of simple shapes. You can get a rectangle using the
rectangular select tool, then converting the selection to a path, but
when you go to edit the path afterwards it won't be constrained to a
rectangular shape anymore. Also, going through selections isn't very

> - GEGL vs. vector, where is the dividing line when in the
>    future with GEGL  everything added to the image remains
>    modifiable and removable?

I'm not sure what the question here is, wouldn't vector layers only
help this philosophy? As far as I understand their purpose is to avoid
having to do permanent "stroke path" operations, instead making the
shape easily modifiable and impermanent.

> Somehow we need to find a balance here where trivial stuff
> can be done in an obvious way within GIMP, we do not branch
> out into specialised inkscape territory and come up with
> something that fits the GEGL architecture.

I see vector layers as being a replacement for most uses of the
current stroke/fill path. It accomplishes the same thing, but has the
advantage that you don't have to keep re-doing it when the path is
changed, as it updates automatically.

I agree with what Sven said about waiting for UI design though, as to
develop without waiting for specs nearly always leads to wasted

    Henk Boom
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