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>Well, this topic is not so clear cut. There are many factors:
>- the relationship with vector apps, especially inkscape.
>   we saw during the user scenario weekend that live update
>   of linked-in svgs as they are saved by inkscape would fit
>   a symbiosis between the two.
>- yes, GIMP needs to be able to paint simple shapes, but
>   we do not want to go overboard here with the variety of shapes.

I agree with this completely.  The obvious things that GIMP should
be able to support are lines, rectangles, and ellipses.  The UI for
manipulating rectangles and ellipses already exists in GimpRectangleTool,
which was created partly with that thought in mind.  The UI for handling
lines should be much simpler -- as I said earlier, it should be possible
to derive this straightforwardly from GimpRectangleTool.  The remainder
of the UI would consist of edge/fill options, which would presumably
go into the tool options.  A full-fledged vector layers capability 
introduces a lot of UI questions, which, as you say, might not even
be desirable to support, but for the most basic things, it should all
be reasonably straightforward.  I can't tell you how many times I've
needed to create a simple arrow pointing to something, and been annoyed
to have to hack around to do it.

The idea of invoking Inkscape to edit SVG layers makes a lot of sense,
and in fact I have suggested this myself in the past -- but, as Sven
pointed out, it is very tricky to pull off such an interaction without
it feeling awkward and creating a large potential for breakage.  This
is certainly nothing that could be done in the hoped-for 2.6 time frame.

Best wishes,

  -- Bill

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