William Skaggs wrote:
> 2) Added an "invert" control, so that you can see the edges as dark
>    lines on a light background.  Without this, the preview is almost
>    useless.  I did some voodoo to make "invert" the default for
>    interactive use, but not to change the result when "edge" is called
>    from the PDB.  The new "invert" argument is optional.  If it is
>    omitted, a value of FALSE is used, which gives the same behavior as
>    the plug-in has had previously.

How was invert added as an optional parameter? Script-Fu is picky in that it 
checks the number of arguments being passed in a PDB call against the number 
of arguments listed when the function was registered.

If you don't add the parameter to the list of arguments in the register call, 
how is a user to ever discover the optional parameter since it won't be shown 
in the Procedure Browser.

If you do add the parameter to the list of arguments in the register call, 
users can discover the existance of the new parameter but you run the risk of 
breaking any Script-Fu scripts which only pass the original number of 



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