On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 20:51 +0000, William Skaggs wrote:

> > You have a point here. But you also need to look at the costs of
> > renaming a menu item. The documentation needs to change and 
> > users need to learn the new name. With the amount of plug-ins that 
> > we have it is rather difficult to keep track of changes so IMO we should 
> > try to avoid them.
> I don't agree.  I think that many changes are needed, and that the
> way to make things simple for documentation writers is to do them
> quickly and coherently.  The thing that is *really* difficult for doc
> writers is to document things that they don't understand, or that
> have bad interfaces.  
> I believe, and I know that Peter believes, that the current collection
> of filters is an incoherent mess, assembled without any underlying
> concept of usefulness.  Are we doomed to live with this forever?

Of course not. But I don't see how changing a perhaps badly chosen menu
name to something that is as arbitrary and meaningless is going to help
anyone. The only thing it does is causing confusion among our users.
They will ask themselves why we keep changing the names of filters
without any good reason.

> The frustrating thing is that there seems to be no way to
> move in that direction.  Any suggestion for change is met
> with, "please raise this question on the developer's list",
> which simply means "no", because it is easy to see that
> topics raised on the developers list never lead to decisions.

If no discussion happens, then you can take that as consensus that what
you proposed is fine and that noone will object to see this change being
made in SVN.

> In any case, as Peter has pointed out, discussing each
> individual change separately is a bad approach, because
> it is impossible for people to understand the coherent
> vision that the changes are directed toward.

Perhaps. But just going ahead and doing individual changes on your own
without even letting us know that you see yourself on a greater mission
is definitely not the way to go.


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