On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 00:23 +0000, William Skaggs wrote:

> No!  The way I did it was broken.  But the whole process is broken.  It
> is impossible to fix the interface if every tiny change can be vetoed
> by any random person.  The question is, how to find a process that
> actually allows change to occur.

I would actually rather call that what you did "random changes". I am
quite confident that if we had a look at the plug-ins and isolated their
usability problems, then we could find solutions that we can agree on.

One thing that would help is to improve consistency in the plug-in user
interfaces. For example, if there are several plug-ins that need to have
a user interface for the border behavior, then this part of the user
interface should look and feel the same in all those plug-ins. That
would help our users more than if we removed this part of the user
interface on the assumption that it is not useful.


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