Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> there are a couple of things that are waiting for input from the UI
> team. Things that we would like to sort out for GIMP 2.6. It would be
> nice if we could get some advice from you and your team. I made a list
> of the things that in my opinion are most important right now. The order
> is arbitrary:
> [...]
> I hope that you and your team can help us to sort out these issues.
> Sven


It would also be nice to get the Polygonal Select Tool details sorted
out for 2.6. There is code for such a tool in bug #119646 [1], the
question is just to what extent it should be merged/integrated with the
Free Select Tool. Should it be possible to use the Polygonal Select Tool
for free hand-type selections too, or should it be a strict polygonal
tool? Exactly how should it behave?

- Martin

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