Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> And I can see freehand and polygonal selection tools as two different 
> tools or modes. The main wish is to be able to handle any existing 
> selection as a set of Bezier curves (or polygonals). So one can draw a 
> selection as he wishes with any of existing tools, using existing 
> modifiers. And if he wants to correct the existing selection in a 
> regular way, he switches to the polygonal selection tool and starts 
> editing already existing curve. Of course, selection can be done from 
> scratch with the polygonal selection tool itself. This approach exists 
> in vector graphics editors.


Just wanted to mention this since it appears if you haven't noticed it:

You can already now do what you are asking for:
1. Make an arbitrary selection
2. Select -> To Path
3. Use the Path Tool to edit the created path
4. Select -> From Path

The Polygonal Select Tool should IMO only fill the void of a way to
quickly make polygonal selections. (If it will even be a separate tool
and not just en enhancement to the Free Select Tool.)

Martin Nordholts
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