Hey all,

sorry for fading out of view for a while. demanding projects
(ongoing), a big flue and christmas got in the way.

but that is just part of it.

The other part is the lack of a roadmap. the lack is now so
that I was prepared to write one myself, just to have something
to work with. But I remembered somebody was on it, it turned out
to be Alexandre.

Even before 2.4 came out, I was warned that not to much UI
work could be done for 2.6. GEGL first. OK. suits me, that
leaves a period where the UI analysis can get (finally!) done
and a transition can be made towards tackling the mayor UI
issues in GIMP systematically, based on a UI masterplan.

At the release of 2.4 I announced the end of fire-fighter
mode accordingly. Then during the roadmap-2.6 items kept
popping up that deal with UI problems. Fine, we can work on
them, as soon as the roadmap is fixed.

Yep, fixed. frozen.

A roadmap is a tool for me to plan (assign tasks to my
team) and also to say no to spontaneous initiatives
that need a long, full spec (say, polygonal tool).

When making the roadmap the rational decision can be taken what
GIMP needs now: polygonal tool or fixing the floating selection.

One gets the nod, the other has to wait for a next release to
get worked on (UI spec, dev, test, doc, etc.)

I see the list below of what needs input and they are all worthy
problems to solve. But they look to be in part different problems
than the ones discussed for the roadmap two months ago. There lies
the problem.

I will give direction for the small ones on the list below that
have bug numbers. I am still putting out small fires. >^}

the big spec ones need to be roadmapped to get done...

Sven Neumann wrote:

>  Merge toolbox and image menus
>  Text boxes
>  Keyboard Shortcut dialog
>  Remove the "add/remove alpha channel" option for layers
>  Show current aspect ratio in Crop tool
>  Make it easier to select and move areas
> I hope that you and your team can help us to sort out these issues.


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