Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Hello
> Just wanted to mention this since it appears if you haven't noticed it:
> You can already now do what you are asking for:
> 1. Make an arbitrary selection
> 2. Select ->  To Path
> 3. Use the Path Tool to edit the created path
> 4. Select ->   From Path
I already know it :). Now these sequence is rather long. In order to 
edit already existing selection as a path, next actions are required:
1. Selection to path
2. Select last selection from selections tab and make it visible. This 
step is not straightforward and quick.
3. Choose path tool and start editing...

I understand there should be the separate selection to path action, and 
there should be an ability to edit a path not affecting existing 
selection. But could the 1. and 2. actions be merged into one additional 
menu item to make the things quicker?
The existing "selection to path" can be renamed into "Copy selection to 
path", and "Move selection to path" or "Convert selection to path" can 
be added. The last should create a path from the selection, clear the 
selection and make the path ready for editing. Optionally it can switch 
to the path tool too.

> The Polygonal Select Tool should IMO only fill the void of a way to
> quickly make polygonal selections. (If it will even be a separate tool
> and not just en enhancement to the Free Select Tool.)
OK, I understood.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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