On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 13:13 -0800, Bill Skaggs wrote:
> I'm attaching a screenshot
> showing a typical incarnation of the Paint Mode menu, using
> the Default Gimp theme and Ubuntu's default Human theme.
> I don't think I have to persuade anybody that this is less than
> ideal from a usability point of view.

This has been discussed to death and the general consensus is that it is
the most ideal solution from a usability point of view. The selected
menu entry is always under the mouse pointer and that's the most
important thing here from a usability point of view. If you have a
better solution than what's currently implemented in GTK+, feel free to
propose it on the gtk-developer list.

Your proposal for a two-column layout would make the situation worse, at
least for the menu in the Layers dialog which is typically located at
the right side of the screen. With a two-column layout it would become
more likely that the menu cannot be popped up with the selected menu
entry under the pointer.


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