On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 12:35 +0100, Daniel Hornung wrote:

> > Well, perhaps not deprecated in the "don't use this API" sense. Their
> > use is discouraged. And not by the GTK+ developers but by usability
> > experts. Tearoff menus might sometimes be useful for the power-user but
> > for almost all users and almost all use cases they are unnecessary
> > clutter and make the menu more difficult to use.
> I have to object here, since I have never seen any user unintentionally use 
> tearoff menus. 

That is not the point. The point is that almost all of the time you
don't need the tear-off functionality. But it's there, and it is slowing
you down because you have to move the mouse a little further and your
eye has to skip the extra visual clutter that it adds. 

> On the other hand I find them very useful, especially with 
> window manager features like window shading and unshade on mouse-over, I use 
> them in my everyday work, not only in GIMP but also in e.g. xmgrace.  
> Benefits I see are easy access to hidden parts of menus that are not used 
> often enough (on the long term average) to deserve a key shortcut (I might 
> need that special sub menu quite a few times only on this very special image) 
> or for trying out several entries, as was discussed enough earlier in this 
> thread.

Exactly. This is why GIMP still has them enabled by default. Note that I
didn't suggest to turn them off. With our deep menu hierarchy, tear-off
menus are definitely very useful.

Long term it would be nice if we could get rid of our insane menu
hierarchies and at that point we should also consider to disable
tear-off menus.


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