Thanks for discussing the layer mode menu.

1. As shown in Bills screen shot the widget rendering is a bit strange 
even if there is enough space on screen.

2. The separators are not bad thing.

3. If you know exactly what to do you simply click the mode and ready - 
but you should be able to select the mode with a single click from the list.

4. If you want to experiment with the layer modes you want to cycle them 
as long as you have found one to choose. Currently it's not possible to 
cycle through the list and look for the result. If you choose one mode 
you leave the menu :-(

Thank you all for making Gimp step by step a usable workhorse ;-)


-> After installing Gimp 2.4.4 win32 - I switched to fullscreen mode 
only to see if it fails on my dual screen machine - but now it works and 
goes fullscreen on the current display and not on the primary laptop 
display reserved for file windows and error messages - Wow!!! Thank 
You!!! ;-)
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