On Tuesday 19 February 2008, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > They're deprecated? It figures that something so useful would be.
> Well, perhaps not deprecated in the "don't use this API" sense. Their
> use is discouraged. And not by the GTK+ developers but by usability
> experts. Tearoff menus might sometimes be useful for the power-user but
> for almost all users and almost all use cases they are unnecessary
> clutter and make the menu more difficult to use.

I have to object here, since I have never seen any user unintentionally use 
tearoff menus.  On the other hand I find them very useful, especially with 
window manager features like window shading and unshade on mouse-over, I use 
them in my everyday work, not only in GIMP but also in e.g. xmgrace.  
Benefits I see are easy access to hidden parts of menus that are not used 
often enough (on the long term average) to deserve a key shortcut (I might 
need that special sub menu quite a few times only on this very special image) 
or for trying out several entries, as was discussed enough earlier in this 

I don't think that the issue of tearoffs should be seen as a field of conflict 
between "power users" and "normal users".  As /gg has pointed out already, 
the latter probably won't even notice the tearoffs while the former still can 
deliberately decide for or against them.

Just my 2ยข, Daniel

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