* El 02/03/08 a las 15:25, Laxminarayan Kamath chamullaba:

> I am not a GIMP developer, though I have been a spectator on this
> list for a while now.
> I suggest that you specify exactly what you are trying, and what
> exactly you are looking for.
> A detailed work-flow and a UI mock-up image would best describe what
> you want.
> Specify the problem.. not the solution.

Sorry, I thought I was clear enough (did I specify the solution??)
What I want to do is what is pretty standard in these cases:

My script-fu has a lot of options, and a check box to use
default values of these options. I want these options to
become grayed out when the check box is checked. Just that.

My other question was if it is possible to add text to a script-fu
option window that is not related to an option of the script.

But I do not know if these are possible in script-fu, and I didn't
find a complete enough reference for script-fu.

    Thanks again,


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