On Sunday 02 March 2008, Luis A. Florit wrote:
> * El 02/03/08 a las 15:25, Laxminarayan Kamath chamullaba:
> > I am not a GIMP developer, though I have been a spectator on this
> > list for a while now.
> >
> > I suggest that you specify exactly what you are trying, and what
> > exactly you are looking for.
> >
> > A detailed work-flow and a UI mock-up image would best describe
> > what you want.
> >
> > Specify the problem.. not the solution.
> Sorry, I thought I was clear enough (did I specify the solution??)
> What I want to do is what is pretty standard in these cases:
> My script-fu has a lot of options, and a check box to use
> default values of these options. I want these options to
> become grayed out when the check box is checked. Just that.
> My other question was if it is possible to add text to a script-fu
> option window that is not related to an option of the script.
> But I do not know if these are possible in script-fu, and I didn't
> find a complete enough reference for script-fu.
>     Thanks again,
>         L.

Hi there,

At first, I have toḋ say to you it is likely these chanegs are not 
going to be made. 

The auto-interface build up in script-fu, perl-fu and python-fu is a 
convenience, and presented "as is". More sofisticated plug-ins should 
use GTK+ to draw their own interfaces . Unfortunatelly this is no 
option when you are using Scheme (script-fu).

If you do your work in python, however, you have, in the opinos of 
many people, and in my strong opinion, an easier to work langauge 
than Scheme, and will gain the flexibility to build your custom 
interface as you please. (And still, won't miss any flexibilit 
otherwise avaliable only to plug-ins written in C).
Ah, there are also Ruby bindings, should you prefer Ruby than Python. 

And finally, so that you don't think you are alone in this desire for 
greater control on the authomatic interfaces, I have thoguth about 
that as well, and it is possible that something more or less like 
what you are asking to be implemented for Python plug-ins.


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