> Has anybody come to a consensus about whether or not the no-image dialog 
> should persist after an image is opened? 

Actually, yes, the mere fact that it is called a no-image window means that
a consensus has been reached.  Your points are reasonable, but when there
are several reasonable alternatives, one has to make a decision between
them at some  point, and the decision we are working with at the moment is to 
use a no-image window.  For what it's worth, even after an image has been 
opened, it will continue to be possible to open more images by dropping icons 
on the toolbox, just like you can do now.

Also for what it's worth, I've been a bit worried about including a toolbar
like the one I showed, precisely because users who find it useful would
want to have it available even after an image has been opened.

>> 4) The tips can be disabled.
> I suppose that's good, but all that space being used for the tip *could* 
> be used for a more efficient start screen. For instance, the most 
> recent images could be shown in a list instead of hidden in a drop-down.

There are two problems with this.  First, it creates visual clutter.  Second,
some people won't *want* their most recently edited images to be shown
every time they start Gimp, for reasons that will probably occur to you.

> Slightly off-topic:
> I understand that people want to find a way to show tips in an 
> unobtrusive way, but maybe we can take a hint (no pun intended) from 
> video games here: the loading screen would be a great place for tips, 
> since the user has nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs during that 
> time anyway.

I don't think this is off-topic at all.  I thought about this a good deal, and 
a great idea in principle, but it won't work for the current set of tips:  many 
them are too long and complicated to be presented that way.  If the tips
were simplified, my enthusiasm for this would be a lot higher.

Thanks for your input,

  -- Bill

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