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>  But what you currently have seems to be very far from the spec [1].
> Is this intentional or have you just not been able to steer your
> current work into the direction of the spec? Just asking since it
> would be sad if someone worked hard on something that isn't going
> to be used anyway :/

The spec is currently underspecified.  It says a great deal about
what should *not* go into the window, but almost nothing about
what *should*, with the exception of an idea that Peter has
dropped (a slider).  Well, _something_ has to go there.  I have
been trying to incorporate the results of the discussion that
followed the specification.  As usual, the results were somewhat
ambiguous, so I have had to make decisions which might be
wrong.  Mostly I thought that it was necessary to show something
concrete, to keep the topic from fading.

Second, please don't worry too much about how hard I am
working.  I have tried a hundred variations by now, and am
happy to try a hundred more.   And even if none of this ends
up being used, I have learned a tremendous amount in the

 -- Bill
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