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>  Resorting the menus is something that we should avoid to do
> again. And I don't think that the current menu is too wide. Just
> make the image window wider. A typical application window
> nowadays takes 2/3 of the screen width or even all of the screen.
> I don't see why the GIMP image  window should not be allowed to
> do that as well.

After discussing these things with Enselic on IRC, I've come to
realize that the most basic question is what we expect the user
to do with this window.  If we expect the user to mainly keep it
minimized, and only bring it up when intending to open an image,
then there is no problem if it is large and full of empty space.  (It
still shouldn't be *too* large if it is going to be a drop target, or
it will tend to cover up the drag source.)  If, however, we expect
the user to keep it open in a corner of the screen, then it needs
to be relatively small, and visually attractive.  I have been designing
with the small-attractive goal in mind, but maybe that is the wrong

Of course we must not force one behavior or the other on
the user, but the way the window is designed will inevitably
favor one of the two ways of using it.

  -- Bill
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