On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 13:37 -0800, Bill Skaggs wrote:

> 1) The toolbar shows most of the things a user might want to
> do with no image open, but not quite all.  "Aquire", or "Open as
> layers", could be added, or even "Create", which would access
> the menu for creating buttons, logos etc.  "About" could, and
> probably should, be removed.

I don't think such a toolbar should be added. If at all then it should
be added to the image window all the time. And we would have to consider
carefully what we want to show there. Only adding it for the no-image
case is confusing and inconsistent.

> 2) I felt like I had to shorten the main menu, because it made the
> window too wide.  I did this by shifting the categories I use least
> into submenus -- "View" into "Image", and "Tools", "Dialogs", and
> "Xtns" into a new "Gimp" category.

Resorting the menus is something that we should avoid to do again. And I
don't think that the current menu is too wide. Just make the image
window wider. A typical application window nowadays takes 2/3 of the
screen width or even all of the screen. I don't see why the GIMP image
window should not be allowed to do that as well.

Anyway, this is something that the UI team should specify. I hope that
we will get some more input from Peter on this soon.


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