[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2008-03-16 at 1537.58 -0700):
> David G. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >  Add a option to rotate brushes to compliment the scaling.
> >  I don't know if this has been requested but it would be very
> > helpful than creating a layer + using the rotation tool.
> >
> Wouldn't be all that hard to do.  How often do you think this
> would be used?  What kind of brushes would you want to
> use it for?

Ohh, no, please, not yet another duplication. The system should avoid
this, and try to unify instead. You can scale brush in one place (by
means of a factor, so try and error) or two if the brush is editable
(pixel size). It would be better thinking how to get things in one
single place, with controls that are direct, instead of too many
places, too many conditionals and too many indirect controls. I never
understood why pixmaps were not made a possible source for the brush
editor when it was added, and then all the ops that make sense
(rotation, resizing, aspect...) be applied to them (from user PoV at
least, even if internally it means different processing) for example.

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