David Gowers wrote:

>  Myself, I would use it for nearly every non-symmetrical brush (and
>  wish for the ability to v- or h-flip it, too), particularly when I'd
>  just copied something and was using the clipboard brush.
> Every brush that is remotely 'directional' needs this
>  (or, possibly the option to rotate the brush to match the movement direction 
> -- that would work fairly well much of the time.)

If the major usage case is to rotate to match the direction of
movement, it would make more sense to support that directly,
since it would be a p.i.t.a. for users to have to go into the options
to set a direction for each stroke.

This shouldn't be too hard in principle:  it is already supported
as a mode for "image pipe" brushes.  In practice it hasn't worked
all that well, because it's not so easy to cleanly estimate the
direction of motion -- especially at turning points or the start
of a stroke -- so it has been hard to avoid getting anomalies
every so often.  The new motion-smoothing code that Alexia
recently contributed might actually make this work better --
this should be investigated.

  -- Bill
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