On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 11:35 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 1:37 AM, Bill Skaggs wrote:
>  > David G. wrote:
>  >  >
>  >  >  Add a option to rotate brushes to compliment the scaling.
>  >  >  I don't know if this has been requested but it would be very
>  >  > helpful than creating a layer + using the rotation tool.
>  >
>  >  Wouldn't be all that hard to do.  How often do you think this
>  >  would be used?  What kind of brushes would you want to
>  >  use it for?
>  How much wrong would I be to suppose that this feature is a must for
>  supporting rotation of wacom pen? ;-)

Or mice? mice.. you know.. have a movement direction too.. and wacom
tilt does not map in an obvious way to rotation.
(as far as i understand, tilt makes sense as a way to apply biased
paint -- so it might work as an aspect ratio + scale + rotation
modifier. I think we could do something nice automatically here.. as
long as we still allowed GIH brushpipes to implement custom behaviour.
Brushpipes currently support things such as selection based on angle,
velocity, X and Y tilt, which are highly useful.
They need to be made easier to create and edit, as they will be always
more capable than any automatic modification we can devise.

something else to consider is, it's helpful for one input to map to
one output -- if rotation maps to movement angle (and I believe it
should by default), then it would be confusing for another factor to
effect the rotation.

Anyway, the proposition of David G related only to manual setting of
brush angle, rather than modification during a stroke according to
things like direction and tilt. so to be correct, such a behaviour
(manually setting and drawing with a rotation) is entirely independent
of the particular device being used.
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