On Sat, 2008-03-15 at 23:02 -0700, David G. wrote:
> Add a option to rotate brushes to compliment the scaling.

In case someone wants to start working on this, here's a rough outline
of what needs to be done:

(1) Rename the scale() method of GimpBrush to transform().
(2) Add an angle parameter to the transform method.
(3) Implement the rotation for all derived brush classes.
    The difficult part is to do the rotation, efficiently,
    for pixmap brushes.

When we are this far, we can start to consider how the angle should be
controlled by the user. As a start one would add methods to GimpContext
to rotate the current brush so that keyboard shortcuts can be added for
this. Later we can add more sophisticated things then.

The next logical step after adding rotation would be to change the
GimpBrush::transform method to take a GimpMatrix3 parameter and to allow
for arbitrary affine transformations (that includes shearing). I am sure
that there is some efficient code for this out there that we could


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