I'm still recollecting information of useful filters that could be added in
GIMP official builds to the whole world. What I'm talking here is about

I'm not going to list all of them but here are some common ones:

Light and Shadow Directive:

- Color Overlay
- Drop Shadow (it's already on GIMP of course, but this one have more
flexible controls)
- Gradient Overlay
- Inner Glow
- Outer glow
- Glow Selection

- Quick Sketch
- Pastel Sketch
- Pencil Sketch

This is probably my suggestion list, there are also some very handy Photo
effect helpers that are possible to add in the GIMP. I don't know if this
GIMP FX Foundry is managed by one of the developers here, but it would be
good to have some official releases with this common 'effects' for the
general public who doesn't have knowledge about sourceforge, script-fus and
technical stuff.

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