Regarding the cycle: 

Great idea, although it should be a little bit more open, lets say
'surveys'. It will save more time to you developers letting the user choose
what features/filters/plug-ins should be implemented in the next version.
Its kinda like cedega's way of managing popular games (if i remember
correctly when I was a subscriber). If you could set up contacts to all the
OSes that distributes GIMP(either by e-mail, or adding a big splash that
captures the user, sending via mailing lists) with the survey I'm pretty
sure you get a well-defined answer on where to aim.

Another thing is that I kinda go with the gegl implementation on some
things, then again I don't know if this is a place to propose this to gegl
although. (same developers?) so if any mistakes were made then most users
wouldn't even need to update the gimp, but gegl. (i don't know if I'm
correct, just a hunch)

I like to point out again that I'm not a developer or know any programming

- David 
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