Alexia Death-2 wrote:
> I do not think gimp needs to come with extra stuff by default. There is
> more 
> than enough already... What gimp needs is a quick drag-and-drop way 
> to "install" extras in packs. I have a script that I haven't put into
> release 
> because it needs certain patterns to be installed too... And theres no way
> I 
> can make that happen without some pain to users.

Sorry but I don't agree with that. I think GIMP should be more of a 'out of
a box' term than just worrying about sizes and things that could be taken
care of fast. I'm not saying that GIMP developers should choose the whole
project and integrate the scripts because that would make a big mess, but
common things like Inner Glow , gradient overlay and so on are things that
are used pretty much in every graphic.

Although, now I was looking at gegl and wonder if this should be implemented
there instead of using it as a script. 

There is of course a lot of things GIMP comes with, and there isn't much a
'propaganda' about the use of plugins and script-fus. It really worries me
because I don't think its fair that new users who don't know anything about
open source software, linux and so on--will just have to sit down and wait
and see if it happens. 

I really admire the effors you have put into GIMP FX Foundry, but as long as
the general public remains unaware of these things it will lead more users
having the wrong opinion of the GIMP.

- David
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