On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 14:13 -0700, David G. wrote:

> I'm not saying that GIMP developers should choose the whole
> project and integrate the scripts because that would make a big mess, but
> common things like Inner Glow , gradient overlay and so on are things that
> are used pretty much in every graphic.

I am all for adding some scripts and plug-ins that are important for
many users. At the same time we should probably drop some
not-so-important plug-ins and scripts.

Perhaps we should make this a goal for the next development cycle. It
would be good to have some well-defined process where plug-ins and
scripts are proposed for removal and inclusion. There should be a
time-frame for this, at the beginning of each development cycle. At the
end of the proposal time we would discuss and decide what is added and
what is removed. After that we should still have enough time to polish
the new plug-ins and scripts for the next stable release.


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