On Tuesday 18 March 2008 14:39:07 David G. wrote:
> . I don't know if this
> GIMP FX Foundry is managed by one of the developers here, but it would be
> good to have some official releases with this common 'effects' for the
> general public who doesn't have knowledge about sourceforge, script-fus and
> technical stuff.

Gimp FX Foundry was started and is maintained by me. There are releases to the 
public, new one is around the corner, I'm hoping to finalize it next weekend. 
This one will come with docs and single  script download option.

I do not think gimp needs to come with extra stuff by default. There is more 
than enough already... What gimp needs is a quick drag-and-drop way 
to "install" extras in packs. I have a script that I haven't put into release 
because it needs certain patterns to be installed too... And theres no way I 
can make that happen without some pain to users.

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