Hi everybody,

I'm new to the list and just wanted to introduce myself.
My name's Tom (ok, to correct Thomas ;-) ), 35yo, I'm living in southern 
germany (near the Lake of Constance) and work as a fulltime sw developer 
for big company. In my spare time I'd like to code a bit around doin' 
some stuff on my own. But after I'd listened to a podcast called 
"Chaosradio Express" where Gimp was presented (including the story 
behind, etc) I thought, that I could help a bit in the open source scene 
- so the decision was clear :)

I'm no "linux-geek", I'm based on Windows, so I'm interested in helping 
out in the Win-Parts of Gimp - if there's still some help needed ;-) I 
checked the bugtracker and found interesting starting tasks, that I'd 
like to work on - but some problems occured with the compilation of the 
SVN trunk with MinGW. But that are some questions that I may ask later on :)

That should be enough for now - I don't want to bother you any longer :)



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