Hi everyone,
My name is Rafael,  I am an Brazilian student of Computer Engineering from
Universidade de Pernambuco and about one year ago i have been studying image
processing, so i become interested in working  in an gimp project.
People usually want to process image for specifics reasons : noise
extractions, signatures analysis, historic documents analysis, activation
areas detection from an human brain studies, and for so many other reasons.
In addition to this, those images can be of n different types. My general
idea is to make a plugin to help people doing new Filters, for their
specific reasons, without the need of writing new code. The idea consists on
creating those filters from basic Morphologic Operators (dilate, erode,
opening, closing and morphological gradient) and , in the future, creating
new filters based on other filters (combining them).
I know that gimp already works with Dilate and Erode operations, but it does
not give the possibility  of creating new structuring elements for those
operands (dilating an image with a cross 13x13 can be much better than doing
it with a circle 3x3, depending on the user´s need) and neither  of
combining them with other operations.
There is something similar to what  i want to do, in an ImageJ Plugin (

here you can see an image from the interface of Morphological
plugin that can help you to understand my idea). I usually work with this
tool and i think it is very useful, but it can`t save operators made by user
to combine them with other operations in the future.

Well, i am waiting a feedback from you. Suggestions/Critics ? is this idea
interesting/relevant for gimp ?

you can found me on #gimp -> Galva and msn -> [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thank you very much for your attention :),

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