On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 11:01 PM, rafael mesquita
> My name is Rafael,  I am an Brazilian student of Computer Engineering from
> Universidade de Pernambuco and about one year ago i have been studying image
> processing, so i become interested in working  in an gimp project.
>  People usually want to process image for specifics reasons : noise
> extractions, signatures analysis, historic documents analysis, activation
> areas detection from an human brain studies, and for so many other reasons.
> In addition to this, those images can be of n different types. My general
> idea is to make a plugin to help people doing new Filters, for their
> specific reasons, without the need of writing new code. The idea consists on
> creating those filters from basic Morphologic Operators (dilate, erode,
> opening, closing and morphological gradient) and , in the future, creating
> new filters based on other filters (combining them).

If the goal is to write filters suitable for scientific processing I
would think it makes sense
to implement the filters for GEGL instead of GIMP, since GEGL operates
with 32bit floating
point buffers. Combining operations in GEGL to create new combined ops
is something that already is possible, but needs further work (it is
currently hard-coded in C while it should be done using an XML based
format or similar (as well as have a usable UI.).

/Øyvind K. (responding from somewhere near Shopping Recife)
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